Why does Myotherapy use Movement Screening?

Myotherapy uses movement screening & orthapaedic assessment techniques to determine & prioritise components of the treatment program.
Why do this?
By taking you through this sequence of movements and tests (passive & active) we can determine whether your symptoms are caused by tissue extensibility (muscle length), joint mobility, motor control dysfunctions. We also assess your proprioception & balance.
What’s involved?
We will get you to do some exercises: some standing, sitting, lying down. We may assist you with some of them. We will observe & make a note of your symptoms & movement patterns.
Then what?
We will give you physical therapy and corrective exercises to improve our initial screening findings.
Why should you do this?
You have a strong chance of preventing the need for surgery such as hip and knee replacements in the long run.
You may have tried everything & are looking for an answer.
You may want to learn how to move better to prevent symptoms in the long term or to perform better.
What kind of conditions does this benefit?
It benefits all musculo-skeletal conditions & symptoms; & symptoms caused by stress & anxiety.
What should I do now?
Book an appointment! 

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