10 Daily Rituals to Beat Stress!

These days most of us tend to be focused on how much we can fit into our week, day, hour. Often times it becomes a race. We’re thinking so strongly about how we can do what we need to do; or how we can do what we need to do better. We run off schedules, apps, social media. Time is so precious.
Do you ever feel disconnected from yourself? Or do you feel like your life is about meeting your obligations and you’ve lost the pizzazz? The sparkle.
One of my favourite quotes is the one flight attendants use before the plane takes off: ‘In case of emergency, apply your oxygen mask first.’
If you don’t look after yourself, who will? And will life pass you by before you realise you should have been looking after yourself?
Do you ever feel a whirring churning sensation in your head, chest or stomach? Perhaps it’s all three? ‘I’ve just go to move faster…do more….be better.’
Do you ever feel so exhausted you don’t know when you’ll get enough time to rest?
Is it your time to draw a line in the sand and take care of you? After all, there’s no time like the present! Here are 10 tips to help you beat the stress that has become your life and start living well!
1. Write down your values and principles
Write down a list of your values and principles: what is essential to you to ensure you live with good character and others treat you well?
For example some of my top values are love, compassion, respect, honesty, loyalty.
The closer the values appear to the top of the list, the more important they are and you should not do without them.
After writing the list, walk away from it for a day or so and come back with fresh eyes to determine whether it needs re-prioritizing/if you have included all the essential values and principles you seek to live by.
2. Set a Morning & Evening Intention
Every morning, Benjamin Franklin asked himself, “What good will I do today?” Then at night before bed he asked, “What good did I do today?”
How would your life change if you took a minute before getting out of bed to ask yourself, “What do I choose to create today?” Then as you’re winding down in the evening ask yourself, “What did I create today?”
Do this for 30 days and keep a journal of it. Be prepared to be surprised by the results!
3. Quiet time.
How much time do you take for yourself each day?
I set myself a morning and evening ritual of sitting quietly for 5-10 minutes with my favorite music and focusing on my breath. I’ve chosen three stretches to do morning and night to target and relieve the vulnerable points of my body structure. I adapt the stretches and quiet time according to what is happening in my life.
Sometimes I need 20 minutes of meditation twice a day combined with five or six stretches twice a day.
Why not do this also for 30 days and keep a journal of it? You’ll be astounded at the positive results!
4. Approach one or more daily tasks with childlike wonder and adventure!
Do you ever wish you could just be a kid again?
Do you do anything in your day to be silly and laugh like you did as a child? I do one of three things each day: try and learn to juggle, dance when people are and aren’t watching, get on the playground swings at the park. Why not incorporate an element of fun into every day and see how much more fun your life becomes!!!

6. Keep Good Company
Hang out with people who inspire you and motivate you. Ensure they support you and build you up, not deplete you.
Ensure in the good and bad times you have enough support. Remember it is OK to not feel OK. At these times reach out to your support network. It may even be time to expand your network with an additional health practitioner or counselor.
7. Something Hideen
One of my former work mentors once told me to wear some sexy underwear to make me feel sassy before a job interview or presentation. I’ve incorporated this  into my daily rituals. I wear a piece of clothing, jewelry, or do my hair and make up that will solely make me feel great.
What little thing will you do for you?
7. Performance Counts
When you have to focus and perform at your best establish a little ritual that helps you remain calm and in the present moment.
I like to feel my feet in my shoes and my shoes on the floor. I then move up my body from my feet to my head observing how every part of my body feels. I combine this with slow deep breaths counting to five on the inward breath, holding my breath for five, then breathing out for five.
It’s astounding how quickly the tension leaves my mind and body and I’m able to perform at my best.
8. Give it Away.
Who hasn’t heard of the power of giving? But why wait until you’re rich? It may be a daily ritual of a smile and kind word to those that cross your path.
But you can also find things that are no longer for you and pass them along to someone who will love them. What will you give away today?
9. End Digital Media Tyranny
These days we are so tied to our phones/tablets/ipads, to the point that young children are being diagnosed with neck and back challenges due to spending so much time in cyber space.
Modern day philosopher Alain de Botton wrote, ‘For peace of mind, be a tourist in your own life.’
Why not try this today ? Take some time out from your digital devices and look at everything around you as if you are seeing it for the first time. It may take discipline to do this at first. Keep persevering for a few minutes every day for 30 days.
You’ll be amazed what you truly see!
10. Reward
Reward yourself for applying one or more of the above daily rituals with something you love that is good for you.
It may be a catch up with a great friend, a night out to watch some live comedy, your favorite meal, a Sunday sleep in, a day trip to the mountains or beach, treating your aches and pains with some well earned physical therapy. 🙂
Remember you deserve to live well – now!

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