Water: are you hydrated?


Until recently I never considered how much of a vital role the water I drink  plays with my health and well being. 

I was following the advice of naturopaths and nutritionists in combination with the latest research from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and yet I couldn’t escape inflammation completely. And, having had a history of connective tissue disease, I longed to be inflammation free. In fact, up until May this year I was taking about $200 worth of supplements per month and needing at least one to two hours of physical therapy per week. It was costing me a small fortune. In addition to that I had dietary sensitivities and a list of ‘do not eat foods’.

I thought…as long as I drink filtered water I’m doing the best thing right? 

Then in May I attended an information session “How does your water measure up? It was about the quality of our water and the science behind it with internationally renowned naturopath Michelle Jones (learn more about Michelle here).
On attending the session, I was astounded at how much I did not know and how much difference water could possibly make to my health and quality of life – and my budget!
The water I was drinking did not measure up. In fact, it was almost as acidic as Sprite or Coca Cola and it was filtered!
What I learned from one information session has 1) dissolved my food allergies; 2) removed inflammation from my body; 3) removed my $200 worth of supplements and up to seven physical therapy sessions from my monthly budget.
Furthermore, I feel well. Previously I always felt dehydrated. No matter how much water I drank…I was still dehydrated. Now I am adequately hydrated!

So now I ask you: how does your water measure up?

How does water affect your quality of life?

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