Remedial Massage Therapy

With more than five years of experience we provide the best quality massage.

  • Relaxation Massage – light Swedish style massage to let you unwind and zone out.
  •  Neuromuscular technique – deep tissue technique to reduce muscle tension.
  • Trigger point therapy – targeting common areas of dysfunction.
  •  Myofascial release – slow superficial technique often combined with stretching, excellent for people who use computers or anyone wanting to work on posture.
  • Cupping – gently uses negative pressure to “massage” your tissues.
  • Dry Needling – (muscular trigger point needling) a very gentle form that should never be painful.
  • Stretching – we use partner stretching and teach you stretches that you may use in your own timefor self-care.
  • Lymphatic drainage/oedema massage – reduce swelling and improve lymph flow
  • Hot Stone Massage – heated stones temporarily reduce pain and assist in letting you unwind and zone out.

90 minutes $127
One hour $88
45 Minutes $70
30 Minutes $57

Health Fund Rebates available!
Concession Rates available upon presentation of supporting photographic ID.

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Hire us for events

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We provide mobile massage services for events (e.g.):

  • hens’ nights
  • baby showers
  • festivals
  • sporting competitions
  • fetes.

Hire us to come to your workplace

We are also available to come to your workplace.
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Did you know that a regular (for example, weekly) short massage (15-20 minutes) head/neck/back/shoulder massage can relieve the stress of your staff & improve their performance? Research has shown that stress is one of the biggest causes of staff absenteeism. Why not reduce your staff absenteeism rates & bring us to your work place for two hours a week/fortnight/month & improve your staff attendance rates & their health & wellbeing?
For event & corporate bookings we require a minimum booking of two hours. We provide seated & table clothed massage with the option of oil/without oil.